Mickey Mouse is a legendary cartoon character. This character was created in the year 1928 by Ub Iwerks and was launched on the platform of Walt Disney. An interesting fact about this character is that every year on November 18, 1928, Walt Disney celebrates its birthday. Mickey Mouse is not only a cartoon character but has gained world wide recognition to be an icon. The person who voiced Mickey Mouse from 1928 till 1946 was Walt Disney himself and it was when the sound effects came into being and then James G. MacDonald took over it. These days, Mickey Mouse is being voice by Wayne Allwine.


The different series of Mickey Mouse includes The Barn Dance in which Mickey Mouse is in love with Minnie but he is being turned down in favor of Pete. Another very interesting series was The Opry House. In this series Mickey Mouse can be seen wearing white gloves that became a trend and Mickey Mouse could be seen wearing the gloves in other series as well. Mickey Mouse has also been portrayed as a common mouse in the series When The Catís Away and also as a soldier in The Barnyard Battle.

The King Features Syndicate approached Walt Disney and asked to introduce Mickey Mouse in a comic strip and that was approved by Walt Disney and the comic strip of Mickey Mouse was first introduced on January 13, 1930. Then these comic strips were printed in a book form. Mickey Mouse has also done the musical performances, which included The Barnyard Concert, which was released in March 3, 1930 and then on March 14, 1930 came Fiddlin Around. Mickey Mouse is an icon and a legend and is not only admired by kids but by adults as well.

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